OQ Industry Visit by Mechanical Engineering Students

The Industrial Link committee organized an industry visit to OQ on 17th November 2021, which was attended by Mechanical Engineering B.Tech students at University of Technology and Applied Science Shinas. 20 students along with 2 staff members Mr. Niyaz Ahamed and Mr. G. Raja visited OQ. Mr. Hassan Al-Balushi, Health and Safety Trainer, welcomed the group to OQ and gave an orientation lecture on the Safety Rules to be followed in Industry. Abdullah Al-Zaabi, Process Engineer gave a detailed presentation about the formation of different products like Diesel, Kerosene and Naphtha and other by products from various process. After the presentation, Process Engineer took our students to show the different units and had the opportunity to know about the different process involved in Refinery to get the various products and byproducts from crude oil. The visit was very useful for the students in understanding the production of different types of oils used globally for various applications.

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