Staff Professional Development

In every organization, goals are not only set towards one direction but it looks upon all factors in a 360 degrees angle. It covers every aspect that contributes to the achievement of the mission and vision of the institution.  One of the seven goals of the Colleges of Technology of the Ministry of Manpower is “Develop staff by offering opportunities for professional and personal development, rewarding hard work and innovative thinking.” ShCT concurs that the strength of each organization is its People.  Empowering each player signifies building a stronger and well-rounded team.

The Human Resources Department (HRD) of ShCT plays an essential role in Staff Professional Development (SPD). The HRD chairs the Staff Professional Development Committee (SPDC) in the College. HRD worked hand-in-hand with all academic and non-academic units in working towards improving employee retention; maximizing employee potential, and enhancing effective leadership; recognizing diverse learning styles and needs of all staff employees; helping in the growth of the workforce for the future; bridging the gaps between where the institution is currently, and where it will be lead in the future.

The HRD recognizes that the academic and non-academic staff need to ‘sharpen the saw’ in order to be more effective and efficient as the pillars of the students and stakeholders of ShCT. In the Seven Habits of Highly Effective People of Stephen Covey, ‘sharpen the saw’ means preserving and enhancing the greatest asset you have--you. It means having a balanced program for self-renewal in the four areas of life: physical, social/emotional, mental, and spiritual. Almost half of our day in a 24-hour period is spent in the workplace and plays a significant part of an employee’s life. In more than one area, it ratifies that learning is a continuous process especially that teachers are play a major contributor in shaping the future of the students.


To identify the needed SPD programs of the staff, the following mechanisms are utilized:

Training Needs Analysis

This is accomplished through the aid of survey questionnaires that are approved and verified by the Quality Assurance (QA) unit of the College. This is answered by the staff themselves.

New technology/resources to facilitate teaching, learning and working on administrative job

Considering what the College have today, it can be said that the proliferation of modern technologies affect mostly the tools used in teaching, learning and administrative jobs. Principles may be the same from where it has begun but the strategies and methods on how to come up with desired output have changed.

Staff Appraisal Result

The result of performance staff appraisal is considered an important factor to determine the training needed by the staff. Hence, the staff is recommended to attend the specific training to improve performance.

Student Evaluation of Teaching (SET)

The result of the SET is also a determinant factor to consider in developing programs for SPD. Staff capability and ability to teach affects the students, who benefit from staff's skills, positive attitude, and efficiency. Staff who are equipped with knowledge and skills, with high morale and happy about their work can do better than those that are not motivated and inspired by the organization.


While HRD proactively addresses its duty to provide the necessary knowledge, skills, or competencies and individual characteristics to be successful and productive, it is also the committee’s earnest request that ShCT staff shall foster College values of professionalism, integrity, flexibility, teamwork and tolerance, creativity and innovation and effective communication.


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