New Research Publication Explores Digital Storytelling's Impact on Omani EFL Students

In a cutting-edge study, a new research publication titled "Exploring the Effects of Digital Storytelling in Omani EFL Students’ Self-Directed Learning, Motivation, and Vocabulary Improvements" has been unveiled, highlighting the transformative potential of Digital Storytelling (DST) in English as a Foreign Language (EFL) education within Oman. The research, led by Behnam Behforouz and Abdullah Khalid Al Balushi from the Preparatory Studies Centre at UTAS Shinas, in collaboration with Ali Al Ghaithi of Sohar University, embarked on a comprehensive exploration into the role of DST in reshaping the EFL learning landscape. Setting out with a triad of core objectives, the study sought to assess the empowerment of Omani EFL students in self-directed learning through DST, explore its potential in enhancing motivation, and measure its effectiveness in bolstering vocabulary acquisition. Preliminary findings from the research presented a promising narrative, revealing a positive correlation between DST integration and elevated levels of self-directed learning, motivation, and vocabulary retention among Omani EFL learners. These insights not only affirmed the pedagogical merits of DST but also advocated for its broader implementation in EFL curricula across Oman. In recognition of this pioneering research, the management at UTAS Shinas extended heartfelt congratulations to the authors and commended their exemplary efforts. Amal Al Jahwari, Head of the Preparatory Studies Centre, at UTAS Shinas, commented ‘as the educational sphere continues to evolve, research endeavors such as this play a vital role in identifying and championing innovative pedagogical approaches, offering invaluable insights for educators, policymakers, and stakeholdersPraising the research as a significant contribution to the field, the management highlighted its potential to shape the future of EFL education in Oman and beyond. 


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