Empowering Success: A Motivational Session for Diploma Students

A motivational session was held for second-year Diploma students on December 20, 2023, by the Department of Business Administration. The primary goal was to inspire and bolster students' confidence as they approached their final examinations.Dr. Geeta Thakur, from the Faculty of Business Administration, commenced the session with a warm welcome and introduced the day's esteemed guest, Ms. Sawsan Khalifa Al Zaabi, Head of the Fisheries Development Department at Shinas. Ms. Sawsan enthralled the audience with her personal journey, recounting her academic challenges and triumphs at Shinas College. She emphasized her evolution from a student to her current leadership position, illustrating her climb up the professional ladder.The talk centered on Ms. Sawsan's academic trajectory, weaving in anecdotes and pivotal experiences that shaped her career and honed her skills. A central theme of the discussion was the significance of time management and targeted learning. Ms. Sawsan prompted students to introspect on their academic journey's value and its implications for their future. To conclude the event, Dr. Geeta Thakur expressed gratitude to Ms. Sawsan for sharing her insights and dedication. She presented a certificate of appreciation, acknowledging Ms. Sawsan's commitment to her demanding schedules. The event fostered a shared enthusiasm for learning and motivation among the student bod


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