Experimental Interviews

In line with the collaborative partnership between the University of Technology and Applied Sciences-Shinas and Sohar Operation Services LLC, the Counseling and Graduate Follow-up Department, in conjunction with the On-the-Job Training Department and the academic departments at the university, organized a series of experimental interviews for university students. The interviews were conducted on Sunday, December 10, 2023, and involved 25 male and female students divided into three teams. 


The first team comprised Ms. Zuleikha Al-Balushi from the university's Human Resources Department, Mr. Ahmed Al-Ajmi, a technician from the Engineering Department, and Engineer Abdullah Al-Shizawi from the company. The engineering students' interviews commenced at 10:00 am and concluded at 2:00 pm, with each student being allocated a time slot of 15 to 20 minutes. 


Simultaneously, another team, consisting of Mr. Hamid Al-Maamari from the Educational Technologies Center, Mr. Edgardo, a lecturer from the Information Technology Department, and Ms. Jahina Al-Kindi from Sohar Operation Services LLC, conducted interviews for Information Technology Department students using the same approach. Each student in this group was granted a time slot of 15 to 20 minutes, and a total of 7 female students and 1 male student were interviewed. 


The third team was composed of Mr. Nasser Al-Hindasi, a lecturer from the Preparatory Studies Center, and Ms. Maisa Al-Matroushi from Sohar Operation Services LLC. They conducted interviews for 7 female students and 1 male student. 


Upon the completion of the interviews, a meeting was held between the judging committee and the university administration. Valuable feedback was provided on the students who were interviewed, and specific recommendations were made to the Engineering Department. It was emphasized that students should receive training on presenting themselves professionally and that they should highlight their graduation projects. In the case of technical interviews, students were advised to be well-prepared to address any specific questions. 


Following this, the Information Technology team shared their observations, highlighting the lack of marketing efforts for the students' projects, which possess market value. Additionally, they noted the students' need for intensive courses in resume writing. Furthermore, they recommended that the university encourage students to engage in small and medium-sized projects and entrepreneurship, as this can generate significant opportunities, such as participating in tenders with large companies and designing applications for entities that require them. 


In the end, Dr. Ahmed Al-Balushi, the Assistant Vice-Chancellor for Shinas Branch, presented certificates of appreciation to Sahar for Operation Services Company and the work team in recognition of their collaborative efforts. 


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