New Research from the ELC Explores Innovative Teaching Approaches and Future Directions for Higher Education in Oman

The English Language Centre at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences Shinas has published four articles in the first semester of the academic year 2022-2023 and shared the findings of the new research.The articles were authored by Saif Juma Salim Al Weshahi Head of the English Language Center and Behnam Behforouz, English Lecturer, and co-authored by Ali Al Ghaithi from Sohar University. The articles covered a range of topics related to English language teaching and higher education in Oman. One of the articles explored the impact of university-industry collaboration on technical higher education in Oman, while another examined the effectiveness of a task-based learning approach in teaching English as a foreign language at the tertiary level. Another article investigated the challenges and opportunities facing higher education leaders in Oman in positioning higher education for the knowledge economy. The fourth article, co-authored by Behnam Behforouz and Ali Al Ghaithi, looked at the effect of corrective feedback on the writing performance of Omani EFL learners in online writing classes.

These publications are a testament to the ongoing research and academic efforts at the University of Technology and Applied Sciences- Shinas and reflect the commitment of the English Language Center to advancing knowledge and promoting best practices in English language teaching and higher education in Oman.  Details of the research articles are listed:

Saif Juma Salim Al Weshahi, The Impact of University-Industry Collaboration and Its Relevance to Technical Higher Education in Oman, Global Journal of Human Resource Management Vol.10, No.6, pp.15-22, 2022

Saif Juma Salim Al Weshahi, The Impact of Task-Based Learning Approach on Teaching English as a Foreign Language in Oman, Journal of Research Scholars and Professionals of English Language Teaching Vol. 6 | Issue 34 | November 2022

Saif Al Weshahi, The Perspectives of Academic Leaders on Positioning Higher Education for the Knowledge Economy in Oman: Challenges and Opportunities, Higher Education Studies; Vol. 13, No. 1; 202

Behnam Behforouz (Co-Author with Ali Al Ghaithi from Sohar University), The Effect of Corrective Feedback via a Computerized Course on Omani EFL Learners` Writing Performance, Turkish Online Journal of Distance Education-TOJDE January 2023 ISSN 1302-6488 Volume: 24 Number: 1 Article: 5


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