The induction program for the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024

At the beginning of each semester, the University of Technology and Applied Sciences in Shinas implements the induction program for students who were accepted during that semester. The induction program is considered the window through which the students acquire important information and points that help them start a sound university life full of achievements and excellence. The induction program for the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024 began on Sunday, September 10, 2023, and continued for four days, concluding the program on Wednesday, September 13, 2023.

On the first day of the induction program, a link to the live presentation was sent to the new students, and the broadcast began with a speech by His Excellency the President of the University, Dr. Saeed bin Hamad Al-Rubaie. He began his speech by welcoming the new students, explaining their roles in building our dear homeland, and the importance of clinging to achieving their goals and ambitions, stressing that our motto should be ‘broad horizons for giving without borders for the sake of Oman and the future of the people of Oman’. Then, Dr. Ahmed Al-Balushi, Assistant President of the University at Shinas Branch, welcomed the new students. He congratulated them on their acceptance into the university’s Shinas branch, and explained the university’s role in developing students’ skills and abilities and providing an educational environment that supports scientific research, innovation, and the acquisition of science and knowledge. Then, Ms. Amal Al-Jahouriya, Head of the Foundation Studies Center, welcomed the new students and explained the importance of the foundation stage. She explained the efficiency and readiness of the academic staff and the readiness of the Foundation Studies Building in meeting the needs of students in the foundation stage.

Mr. Hamdan Al-Abri, lecturer at the English Language Center, provided a lot of information about the English language placement test, the levels in the foundation program, the alternative to the placement test (IELTS), attendance and absence, and other important points in the foundation program. Ms. Ibtisam Al-Muqbaliya spoke about the services provided by the Educational Technologies Center and the university’s official website. She also spoke about the placement test for the subjects of mathematics and information technology. Instructions for opening bank accounts and the required documents were also presented. On the second day of the induction program, a placement test for the English language and information technology was held. The tests were held in person on the university campus. On the third day of the induction program, a mathematics placement test was held and bank accounts were opened for new students.

On the fourth day of the induction program, which was conducted remotely via the university’s official channel, the head of the Admission and Registration Center, Mr. Ahmed Al-Saadi, spoke about the Admission and Registration Center, the services that the center provides via the electronic system, and the other tasks of the center. After that, the Head of the Guidance, Counselling & Graduates Follow-up Department, Mr. Ahmed Al-Farsi, welcomed the new students and briefly explained the services offered. He also provided some awareness-raising advice that will help the students in their university life. Then, student Youssef Al-Abri, Chairman of the Student Advisory Council, introduced the Student Advisory Council, its role at the university, and the tasks provided by the Council. Also, the student Israa Al-Maamaria spoke about student activities, their importance, goals, clubs and groups. In addition to the royal grant for external student trips, their objectives and qualification criteria.

Thus, the induction program for the first semester of the academic year 2023-2024 was concluded, wishing the students a successful start and a university life full of hard work and perseverance.

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