Values, Goals and Graduates Attributes

College Values
In seeking to achieve its mission, the College will promote the following college values:

Professionalism - Hard work, commitment, accountability and transparency.
Integrity - Honesty and fairness.
Flexibility - A willingness to learn, develop new skills, and take on new responsibilities.
Teamwork  and Tolerance - Transparency, diversity, acceptance, openness to constructive criticism and ethical behaviour.
Creativity and innovation - Imagination and originality.
Communication – Commitment to the effective exchange of information.

College Goals
The main goals of Shinas College of Technology are to:
  • Provide excellent governance and administration with transparency and adherence to ethical principles.
  • Offer students high quality teaching, learning and training opportunities through continuous market analysis and curriculum review process and using recent technology.
  • Offer quality programs that promote entrepreneurial skills and respond to the changing market needs and developments in technology.
  • Ensure that graduates develop into responsible citizens by enriching their values and attributes to positively affect the socio economic development.
  • Develop staff by offering opportunities for professional and personal development, rewarding hard work and innovative thinking.
  • Encourage opportunities for applied research and consultancy.
  • Foster mutually beneficial constructive partnerships with various public and private sector organizations, professional bodies and local and international communities that benefit the community at large.
  • Provide facilities and learning resources that are effectively utilized and well managed to ensure efficient student and staff services.

Graduates Attributes
The graduates of the Colleges of Technology:

Attribute 1:  Are well disciplined and committed to hardwork and a high standard of productivity.
Attribute 2: Are able to apply the knowledge and skills to a diverse and competitive work environment.
Attribute 3: Are able to think critically, analyse and solve problems.
Attribute 4: Are able to provide a high degree of competence in using information and communication technology.
Attribute 5: Are professionally competent and up-to-date in their field of specialization in a changing global environment.
Attribute 6: Are able to gather and process knowledge from a variety of sources and communicate effectively in written and spoken English.
Attribute 7: Are able to demonstrate effectively and apply good interpersonal skills in teamwork and leadership roles.
Attribute 8: Are committed to self-development through lifelong learning.
Attribute 9: Are socially responsible citizens aware of contemporary issues in contributing to national development.
Attribute 10: Are able to demonstrate and apply their entrepreneurial skills.


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