Report of the Introductory Week of the on-the-job training program 09/24/2023-09/27/2023

Report of the  Introductory  Week of the

on-the-job training program


The induction week for the on-the-job training program was launched in its second edition in cooperation between the On-the-job Training Department, Counseling and Graduates Follow up Department, the University Clinic, the Department of Business Studies, the Center for Preparatory Studies at the University, and institutions of the public and private sectors. The induction program for on-the-job training for students qualified for the training program for the first semester of Academic year 2023-2024, during the period from 24 to 27 September 2023.

The program was opened on September 24, 2023, at exactly  8:30 am  by Mrs. Fatima Al-Shibliyya, Head of the On-Job Training Department, and in the presence of Mr. A. Ali Al-Alawi, Deputy Vice Chancellor for Electronic Systems and Student Services, Dr. Moza Al-Shehiya , Deputy Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, and Dr. Darwish Al-Kalbani , Deputy Vice Chancellor for Postgraduate Studies, Scientific Research and Innovation, where the attendees were welcomed, after which Mrs. Fatima Al-Shibliya reviewed the controls and laws of the on-the-job training program. This was followed by a video presentation on the registration mechanism in the electronic program for the on-the-job training program, which was discussed by Mrs. Moza Al-Muqbaliya, an employee at the On-the-job Training Department.

Then, Mr. Mohammed Al-Muqbali, Health, Safety, Security and Environment Officer at the Sohar Industrial Port and Free Zone Department, shared his experience as a trainee and explained the stages of his training and what he went through until he obtained his job opportunity, through which the students felt the need to take the training program more seriously, as well as to show strong determination, persistence, and ambition to achieve the desired goals.

The first day of the program ended with the students meeting with the on-the-job training supervisors in their respective academic departments, who in turn explained what the students must do after starting their training program.

As for the second day of the program, it was based on two axes: flexible skills and occupational security and safety. Mrs. Maysaa Al-Matroushia, Human Resources Manager at Sohar Operating Services Company, presented a lecture entitled “Teamwork”, while Mr. Nasser Al-Yahyaei, a nurse and trainer for the “Daa Al-Hayya Program” or Let Life Go Program at the General Directorate of Health Services in the Governorate of North Al Batinah conducted a workshop on First Aid and Pulmonary Resuscitation, in coordination with the University Clinic.

Within the framework of the management of the Sohar Industrial Port and Free Zone to enhance knowledge sharing and social responsibility, Ms. Asma Al Ghaithiya, Human Resources Specialist, presented a lecture on Success in the Job Market, and Mr. Jamal Al-Maamari, a leader of projects in the company, presented a workshop on Project Management. Both events received great interaction from students.

The program was concluded on the fourth day on 09/27/2023 with functional skills, where Mr. Dr. Hani Al-Balushi presented a lecture entitled Leadership Skills. Mrs. Dr. Nawal Al-Balushi also presented a lecture on How to Write a CV, as it was the second initiative of the distinguished lecturers in this program.

At the end of the program, the approximately 60 male and female students in attendance expressed the extent to which they benefited and enjoyed what was presented to them, as well as the meaningful dialogues, inquiries, and enriching discussions that took place, while a note was made about the inability of students living in remote villages to attend the program because they faced some challenges in attendance. Accordingly, the department intends to implement such activities during the semester for the student who qualifies for the training program before he finishes the academic subjects, so that it will be easier for him to attend because he is still studying.


Report prepared by: Fatima Al-Shibliyya


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