Quality Assurance Manual

The Quality Assurance Manual (QAM) of ShCT is a comprehensive resource designed to help its stakeholders in performing its duties and responsibilities. This QAM sets  out  the  policies,  procedures  and  regulations  through which  the  College  will  conduct  its  day  to  day  operations.  It also contains details on the College’s approach to monitoring, reviewing, and seeking to improve its performance in all areas. 
All staff of the College, whether they are involved in teaching or administration, must be familiar with the contents of the QAM and should know how the manual relates to their own role in the institution. 
This QAM covers eleven sections:
Section 1 – College Background
This section of the Quality Assurance Manual [QAM] provides background information about the College, including its history, goals, and core beliefs.  This information provides the context for which its quality systems have been designed.
Section 2 – Quality in the College
This section emphasizes that ‘Quality’ is a vital part of the College’s mission and it must be the responsibility of everyone who works in the College. It tackles the college annual’s quality cycle, organizational structures, responsibilities of the management of the college, college-wide committees as well as the department/center committees.
Section 3 – Management and Operation of the College
This section covers the roles of the college authorities who are senior staff which composed of the College Dean and Assistant Deans, Ministry of Manpower and MoM Quality Assurance Department. This section also enumerates all approved policies of the college.
Section 4 – Teaching and Learning
This section enumerates the strategies used in teaching and learning. The College’s teaching and learning strategy is based on an assessment of work skills and competences  needed  in  the  modern  world  and  an  awareness  of  recent  research  on  the effectiveness of teaching and learning. It also includes the quality of teaching; structure, delivery, approval, monitoring and review of course programmes; and OJT policies and procedures. 
Section 5 - Assessment
This section states the College’s responsibility in ensuring that assessment practices are fair and accurate which includes the moderation process. It is also stipulated in this section the duties of Lecturers in marking and providing feedback to students. It has also included that any   instances   of   student   malpractice   in   relation   to   assessment   are   fairly   and   fully investigated.
Section 6 – Academic Standard
This section defines the  term  ‘academic  standards’  which means  the  specification  of  knowledge and skills required by a student in order to pass a course, complete a programme or be granted a particular academic award (such as Diploma or Higher Diploma). It also explains the importance of the academic standards; and the responsibility for academic standards. The Dean of the College and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs ensure that academic standards are effectively observed by the academic departments.
Section 7 – Assessment and Examination Standards
This section explains the examination process and procedures; invigilator’s responsibilities; actions to be taken for students’ malpractice and assessment offences; and students’ appeal.
Section 8 – Student Guidance and Support
This section enumerates the different support and services for students from admission to graduation. It also addresses the policy on students with disabilities, students’ complaints and grievances and student activities.
Section 9 – Human Resources Development
This section indicates the policies and procedures of selecting/hiring the College staff. It also mentions the induction process and staff appraisal.
Section 10 – Research and Consultancy
This section covers the support that will be provided by the college in terms of Research and Consultancy.
Section 11 - Quality Audit
This section provides the procedures for both internal and external audits. Quality Audit covers the following:
  • Compliance with the Bylaws, the QAM and Ministry No 14/2006
  • Progress in implementing the Strategic Plan
  • Progress in self-assessment
  • Implementation of internal quality audits
  • Graduate follow-up and graduate quality
  • Staff appraisal system
  • College Action Plan and department work plans

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