Business Studies Department Conducts Knowledge Sharing Session

The SPDC of the Business Studies Department started its task by conducting a knowledge sharing session knows as KSS @ BSD. The mini-workshop session was facilitated by Ms. Khadija Al Esaei and Dr. Joefrelin Ines, HOS of HR Section and Marketing Section respectively. The mini-workshop session is part of the continuing effort of the Business Studies Department to continuously improve the Teaching-Learning Strategies within the department geared towards Student Centered Learning; hence the session’s theme is “Connect, Inspire and Engage: The Interactive Techniques”.

Accordingly, the techniques have multiple benefits: the lecturers can easily and quickly assess if students have really mastered the material, and the process of measuring student understanding in many cases is also practice for the material. These assessments drive interactivity and revive students from the passivity of merely listening to a lecture to becoming attentive and engaged. The techniques are perceived as “fun and games”, but they are effective in enabling student learning.

The lecturers actively participated on the mini-workshop session. Mr. Jangaiah Paladi, the HOS of Accounting, shared his viewpoint and expertise on the session. He expound the importance of teaching effectiveness. Almost all the lecturers shared their views on the session which started with the female lecturers which include Ms. Madhu, Ms. Amel, Dr. Minu, Ms. Juvy, Ms. Sangeetha and Ms. Sabura who talked on interactive techniques such as role play, role reversal, think pair share and matrix grid.

Not to be outdone, the male lecturers which include: Mr. Sibi John, Mr. Prasad, Mr. Imthiyaz, Mr. Wilson, Dr. Cirilo, Mr. Vivek, Mr. Renjith, Mr. Narsaiah, Dr. Girish, Mr. Joshy and Dr. Suneeshared shared their knowledge on various interactive teaching strategies. The session ended on a high spirit. More knowledge sharing sessions will be expected soon for lecturers of the department.

The KSS@ BSD is organized by the SPDC members Mr. Reynald Funtinilla, Ms. Nithya Sambamoorthy, Mr. Shafi Ansari and Dr. Minu Thomas and headed by the HOS of Marketing Joefrelin Ines. The event is supported and graced by the HOD of Business Studies Department, Ms. Moza Al Shehi.

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