"2nd International Faculty Exchange (IFEM) 2023: Advancing Educational Excellence and Global Collaborations"

The 2nd International Faculty Exchange (IFEM) program, organized by the Business Studies Department of the University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Shinas, took place on May 8th and 9th, 2023. This event brought together a diverse group of eminent speakers, educators, academicians, practitioners, researchers, and administrators. The primary objectives of IFEM-2023 were multi-fold. 


Firstly, the program aimed to create activities and foster collaborations among the participants. By providing a platform for networking and interaction, the event facilitated the establishment of connections and partnerships among educational institutions, educators, academics, practitioners, and administrators. These collaborations were envisioned to lay the groundwork for future endeavors in faculty development, research, pedagogical approaches, and other areas of improvement. 


Secondly, IFEM-2023 sought to explore the alignment and advancement of educational excellence in response to industry needs in the new normal. The program focused on discussions and deliberations in six key areas: Internationalization of Education, HR Trends and Innovation in the New Normal, FINTECH Trends and Directions, Marketing Trends and Innovations, Education and Pedagogy, and Research Culture and Productivity. These topics were chosen to address the evolving landscape of education and to equip participants with the knowledge and strategies needed to navigate the changing dynamics of their respective fields. 


The event featured prominent individuals who contributed to the knowledge exchange and discourse. Two keynote speakers, Dr. Shineth Cunanan Gonzales and Dr. Amjad Naveed, shared their expertise and insights. Dr. Gonzales, with an extensive background in various prestigious institutions and organizations, served as President of US Immigration Services, Cultural Advisor at the US Department of Defense/US Army, and Director of the Colorado Department of Education. Dr. Naveed, an Associate Professor at Aarhus University in Denmark, brought his wealth of knowledge in business development and technology to enrich the program. 


Moreover, the event showcased 30 distinguished resource speakers from countries such as the USA, France, Tunisia, Malaysia, India, the Philippines, Thailand, Namibia, Indonesia, Pakistan, and Denmark. These experts, specializing in different areas, contributed to the discussions and provided valuable insights on their respective topics. 


IFEM-2023 also attracted the participation of 34 institutional partners from 20 countries, underscoring the global reach and significance of the event. With 733 registered participants, the program received an overwhelming response, with around 400 attendees on the first day and over 250 on the second day, including those who joined remotely from their respective institutions. 


The event spanned two days, encompassing a 10-hour forum and conclave combined. This provided ample time for in-depth discussions, interactive sessions, and knowledge sharing among the participants. 


Overall, the IFEM-2023 program proved to be a resounding success, offering participants the opportunity to gain valuable insights, exchange ideas, and network with a diverse group of speakers. The event fostered collaborations and paved the way for future partnerships, contributing to the advancement of educational excellence in response to industry needs in the ever-changing landscape of the new normal. 


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