English Language Centre Celebrates Cultural Diversity at End-of-Year Party

The English Language Centre at UTAS Shinas recently hosted a vibrant and memorable end-of-year party, showcasing the rich and diverse cultures of its staff and their families. The event, held on 15th June 2023, was a celebration of achievements, combining festivities and delicious cuisine. The party, themed as a "Culture Day," aimed to highlight the multicultural backgrounds of the English Language Centre's staff members. The occasion welcomed families and colleagues from various countries, including Oman, India, Pakistan, the Philippines, the UK, the USA, Canada, Botswana, Sudan, Egypt, Palestine, Iran, and Iraq. To symbolize the diversity and uniqueness of each culture, staff members wore traditional attire from their respective countries and shared an assortment of traditional dishes that represented the cuisines of their countries. The event also featured an array of fun activities that delighted both children and adults. Guests were treated to live singing by ELC family members and music performed by ELC lecturer, Chad McLennan, who entertained the audience with his mesmerizing guitar melodies. 


Mr. Saif Al Weshahi, the Head of the English Language Centre, took the stage to acknowledge and celebrate the achievements of the Centre throughout the year. He expressed his gratitude to all staff members for their hard work and dedication in providing quality education and fostering an inclusive and multicultural learning environment. During the ceremony, Mr. Saif Al Weshahi presented certificates of appreciation to staff, recognizing their outstanding contributions to the Centre's success. He praised the various committees for their commitment and contributions. 


"The Culture Day celebration truly showcased the unity within our diverse community. It is heartwarming to see our staff and their families come together to celebrate and embrace the cultures that make up our English Language Centre," said Mr. Saif Al Weshahi. "I extend my deepest gratitude to everyone involved in organizing this remarkable event, as well as to our talented staff for their dedication and commitment to providing exceptional education." The end-of-year party organized by the Staff Welfare Committee at the English Language Centre, was a true testament to the power of cultural diversity and unity within the ELC family


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