Staff Directory - ETC

Name Designation Phone Number Email Address
Ahmed Khamis Mohammed Al-Saidi Head of Educational Technology Center 26852899
Fatma Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Yahyaei Head of Educational Service Section 26852808
Abdulrahman Salim Hamdan Al-Hamdani Head of Computer Service Section 26852992
Marwan Said Amer Al-Yahyaei Head of Library Section 26852865
Abdullah Khamis Al-Kaabi ESS Technician
Asmaa Mohammed Khamis Al-Siyabi ESS Technician
Fatma Juma Al-Washahi ESS Technician
Gary C. Olfindo ESS Technician
Joel Palad ESS Technician 26852882
Marte G. Alolor ESS Technician
Pancho Paderes Jr. ESS Technician
Abdullah Omar Al-Balushi CSS Technician
Ajith Kuriakose CSS Technician
Ali Hassan Ibrahim Al-Belushi CSS Technician
Amado M. Diao Jr. CSS Technician
Aysha Said Masaood Al-Mezeni CSS Technician
Bhuvanesh Jyothi N.I CSS Technician
Bushra Said Obaid Al-Mamari CSS Technician
Carlo H. Ferandos CSS Technician 26852963
Dennis John A. Gonzales CSS Technician
Elvin Arango CSS Technician
Felman G. Garcia CSS Technician 26852813
Franklin C. Riego CSS Technician
Frederick Manuel Camay CSS Technician 26852964
Humaid Mubarak Al-Mamari CSS Technician 26852859
Johnson Gurrea CSS Technician 26852821
Jovencio M. Elica CSS Technician
Kalithem Mohammed Salim Al-Jabri CSS Technician
Karl Jude G. Cabucos CSS Technician 26852993
Laila Mohammed Said Al-Mamari CSS Technician
Manoj Gopakumar CSS Technician
Marilou B. Paderes CSS Technician 26852939
Maryam Ahmed Salim Al-Sulittni CSS Technician
Maya Said Saif Al-Hinai CSS Technician
Melvin Belarmino CSS Technician 26852914
Mohammed Ali Rashid Al-Ghaithi CSS Technician 26852938
Rommel Lubrico Arellano CSS Technician
Ronaldo Ricafort Abaya CSS Technician
Sandesh Sadananda CSS Technician
Sherly S. Escandor CSS Technician
Sidney Souribio CSS Technician 26852809
Syed Inayathullah CSS Technician
Syed Irfan CSS Technician
Syed Najam Ali CSS Technician
William O. Tumulak CSS Technician
Zubin Ettuchirayil Sasidharan CSS Technician
Laila Ali Said Al-Musawi CSS Technician - Network Engineer
Bashir Salim Ali Al-Mazroui LS Library Staff
Fatema Al-Qasimi LS Library Staff
Fatma Ali Said Al Kharousi LS Library Staff
Fatma Murad Ali Al-Balushi LS Library Staff

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