IT Department holds workshop on Dart Language Basics

The Information Technology (IT) Department conducted a workshop entitled “Dart Language Basics” on 23th April 2024, Main Building, UTAS- Shinas campus.

Mr. Syed Ibrahim Hussain, IT faculty member, served as the resource speaker.

The workshop aimed to broaden participants' understanding of the Dart programming language, serving as a foundation for expanding their knowledge in the field of software development. By delving into Dart's syntax, features, and capabilities, attendees gained valuable insights into modern programming concepts and techniques.

This deeper understanding of Dart provided opportunities for participants to explore its applications in different areas, such as web development, server-side programming, and more.

Mr. Syed guided the participants through, using practical examples, to the main difference between this language and other programming languages.

Fifteen (15) staff members from the IT, Math and Networking sections attended the workshop.

Said workshop was organized and facilitated by the IT Staff Professional Development Committee (SPDC).

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