Student Council

The ShCT Student Council is composed of students’ representatives from all ShCT academic departments. The student council will serve as the voice of all students in the college for all student concerns, activities and programs.

The representatives are chosen through the electoral process using the Student Online Voting System of Shinas College of Technology. The Student Council will function under the guidance of Student Activities Department and with the leadership and directions of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs.

The office of the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs is geared to provide support for students to develop their capacity on various skills apart from their academic skills. “It is with ardent hope that our sincere efforts emanate inspiration and motivation for our students in overcoming difficulties and conquering challenges as they tackle new opportunities and experiences and become well-rounded leaders.” ADSA-ShCT

Student Council Organizational Chart

Organizational Chart

Objectives and Goals

The Student Council aims to achieve the following goals:

  1. Participate in improvement and development of the educational process and research services offered to students.
  2. Strengthen the principle of transparency, constructive criticism, giving balanced and responsible opinion and commitment to ethical dialogue among students.
  3. Develop consciousness that makes the student a conscious, creative and productive citizen practicing his humanitarian, social and service role in full awareness, creativity and responsibility.
  4. Develop the spiritual values and ideals for the student to be consciously proud of his country, his thinking, his heritage, his ideals and values.
  5. Provide students with the basic elements which will lead to strengthen the personality, develop the spirit of team work, support the scientific method of thinking, develop the spirit of dialogue, respect others' opinions, and communication skills.
  6. Follow up the issues of the students and raise their awareness, preserve their achievements, and work with the institution management to solve their problems.
  7. Work on raising the level of students’ activities in various areas of scientific, cultural, social and sportive, artistic and other aspects of constructive activity.
  8. Consolidate the values of volunteerism work that supports the voluntary projects and charity work.
  9. Guide the outstanding students and create the appropriate atmosphere for them to serve their possible scientific researches and studies.
  10. Raise the level of the intellectual, artistic, social and athletic life. Also, enhance the prospects of communication and activate channels of communication between students and administrators within the institution.

Objective and Goals - Arabic Version

Student Council Guidelines

The Student Council will act in conjunction with the ShCT’s mission and vision to assist in developing programs and opportunities for student growth through innovative programs. 

Student Council Guidelines

Student Council Body

To contact the Student Council, please call 26852913

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