Online Systems for Students

The Online Systems of Shinas College of Technology (ShCT) were developed through the leadership of the College Administration.  The Online Systems aim at providing students and staff efficient services that can be accessed anywhere and anytime. The development of Online Systems has started in the year 2013 under the supervision of the Head of Educational Technologies Center and Head of Computer Services Section in collaboration with the ShCT programmers. A team has been established and called as Web & Software Development Team. All members of the team are committed to ensure all systems and database with optimum security and utmost confidentiality.

Presently, Shinas College of Technology is not at all taking slow strides but is moving fast in developing online systems for both staff and students!

The following are the Online Systems for Students

Student Appeal
  • This system provides students with an easier way to voice out their concerns regarding their Final marks. The lecturers’ process the students’ request through Online System (Staff Portal) and approve by Head of Academic Departments, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs and College Dean respectively and will be sent to Registration department. The students will receive the final decision through their e-mail or by checking it from the Student Portal.
Withdraw a Course
  • This system provides an automated system for students to apply to Withdraw a Course Online and check status of the request through the Student Portal, and eventually receive the final decision of the request through e-mail. The system ensures that the policy of withdrawing a course is followed. Terms and conditions are listed for students to be enlightened before proceeding to accomplish the request.
  • This system provides an automated way for students to file their grievances in both academic and non-academic issues. It is the policy of Shinas College of Technology to affirm the right of its students to a prompt and fair resolution.
Repeat of Previously Passed Course
  • This system provides an automated way for students to apply to “repeat the previously passed course” online. This is activated during the Registration period and policies in allowing students to repeat the previously passed course are met by the Online system. This system also enables the advisers and the Registration Committee members to facilitate the students’ requests.
Supplementary Exam Request
  • This system provides an easier way for Exam Committee to manage supplementary exam requests of students. The students submit their official excuse documents through this system and check the status of their requests.
Course Description Request
  • This system provides students with a system to request for the description of their enrolled courses, previous courses and future courses for the specialization they are enrolled in. The Registration department will receive the request of the students and notify them through the system when they can collect the official course description requested. All academic departments upload course description with outcomes and delivery plans of all courses and are stored in the database. This system also helps lecturers for future references.
Online Voting
  • This system provides an automated way of voting for the qualified candidates of Academic Clubs. This system will generate the winner after the voting schedule. It is also controlled on the specific requirements of the Academic Clubs. For example: Only students under Diploma Level can vote for the Representative of this level.
  • This system provides an easier way for students to view their respective examination schedule and examination marks.  It also provides invigilation schedule for lecturers, marks entry and absent entry of students. The computer laboratory technicians can also see the examination schedules in their respective laboratories. The system has print option in all pages.


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