Math Club

To be the best student hub that will improve students’ critical and logical thinking to address the real world problems of Information Technology (IT) and Engineering.
To establish an effective student activity hub that encourages IT & Engineering students to sharpen their mathematical skills, develop competitive spirit among the students in academics and to participate in and off campus activities.
1. Provide academic support to improve students’ performance.
2. Encourage students’ active participation in Math competitions.
3. Enhance students’ mathematical skills in Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning.

The following members have been selected as officers of Math Club through voting conducted from March 27-31, 2019.

Redha Abdullah Al-Ajmi
Position: President
Department: Engineering
Aliya Rashid Al-Isali
Position: Vice President
Department: Information Technology
Ali Mohammed Ali Al-Kmazari
Position: Secretary
Department: Engineering
Maha Rashid Al-Hosni
Position: Director-Membership
Department: Engineering
Hind Yousuf Al-Balushi
Position: Director-Information and Communication
Department: Engineering
Samah Khamis Said Al-Issaei
Position: Director-Student Development Program
Department: Engineering


If you have inquiries or would like to join MATH Club, please contact:

Dr. Satyanarayana Bora
IT Lecturer | MATH Club Coordinator
Dr. Madhu Sudhan Reddy Katta
IT Lecturer | MATH Club Coordinator


Qualifications of MATH Club Officers-Candidates:
  • All candidates/officers should be in good standing with CGPA of not less than 3.3 (B+), must not be on academic probation and not involved in any case.
  • All candidates/officers except Level Representatives position should be in either B. Tech or Advanced Diploma Level.
How to apply for a candidacy to the Math Club Officership?
  • The Math Club Committee Members who are staff members of the IT & Engineering Department will send an announcement for the opening of filing a candidacy/intention to run for a position in ITS Club.
  • All applications will be verified by Math CLUB Committee members if they met all requirements.
  • Every position should only have one officer except for level representatives which 2 representatives will be chosen for Diploma 1 (1 Male, 1 Female), Diploma II (1 Male, 1 Female) and one representative for each specialization in the Advanced Diploma and Bachelor.
Guidelines for Math Club Officers
1 President
2 Vice President
3 Secretary
4 Director – Membership
5 Director Information and Communication
6 Director  - Student Development Program
7 Level Representatives for the following
  • Bachelor
    • Information Technology
    • Engineering
    • Business
  • Advanced Diploma
    • Information Technolgy
    • Engineering
    • Business
  • Diploma II
    • Information Technolgy
    • Engineering
    • Business
  • Diploma I
    • Information Technolgy
    • Engineering
    • Business
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Calls and presides all meetings as deemed necessary.
  • Oversees the activities and welfare of the organization.
  • Submits report every at the end of the semester to the MATH Club Coordinator.
  • Assumes the role of President if the President is incapacitated (unable to perform his/her duties)
  • Assists the President in all activities of the MATH CLUB.
  • Prepares the agenda together with the President.
  • Writes and keeps the minutes of all meetings.
  • Announces or sends notices to all MATH Club officers and members regarding meetings.
  • Handles liaison work among members as delegated by the President.
  • Assists the President in making reports.
  • Keeps all records of MATH Club members.
  • Maintains the organization’s database.
  • Organizes and manages a committee in charge of the issuance of awards to deserving members.
5. DIRECTOR – Information and Communication
  • Manages all publications of the club (including making announcement/s to be posted on notice boards and plasma coordinates).
6 DIRECTOR – Student Development Program
  • In-charge of all study groups, workshops, trainings and seminars.
  • Reports the development and activities of each study group to the advisers.
  • Represents the level in all meetings.
  • Coordinates with the president and endorses all concerns and decisions made within level meetings.
Committee members
  • Ensure that MATH CLUB activities are organized according to the general MATH CLUB calendar.
  • Supervises the election of officers for the school year.
  • Assists in the formation of the calendar of activities.
  • Reviews all project proposals.
  • Attends all meetings.
  • Coach and inspires the set of officers.
Strategies to Achieve the Objectives
1. Provide academic support to improve students’ performance.
a. Identify the kind of academic support needed by students to improve their performance through student feedback collected from the Math Help Center tutor, and suggestions from lecturers of the Math Help Center and from the other departments.
b. Draft an action plan to address students’ needs.
c. Implement the action plan through the existing Math Help Center, peer-to-peer study and group study sessions.
d. Gather feedback on students’ level of satisfaction at the end of the academic year.
e. Use the gathered feedback to improve the above-mentioned strategy.
2. Encourage students’ active participation in Math Competitions.
a. Plan for activities based on the academic year calendar.
• Math Bee competition/s(Not limited to Shinas College of Technology)
• Oman National Mathematics Day
• Training on Mathematical tools
• Seminars and Workshops
b. Seek approval of Math Club activities from the Head of the IT Department.
c. Explore opportunities for Math competitions in the Sultanate of Oman and the neighboring GCC countries.
d. Gather feedback on students’ level of satisfaction at the end of the academic year.
e. Use the gathered feedback to improve the above-mentioned strategy.
3. Enhance students’ Mathematical skills in Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning.
a. Plan for activities to develop students’ employability skills
• Introduce Quantitative Aptitude and Reasoning topics by Math lecturers.
• Conduct online quizzes
b. Gather feedback on students’ level of satisfaction at the end of the academic year.
c. Use the gathered feedback to improve the above-mentioned strategy.

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