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The ShCT Library always aims at improving its services to all staff and most especially to the students.
The following services are offered by the Library section.
Acquisition Service

At the start of every academic year, the library section sends an email and memo for each academic department to select new edition of books that will be purchased in Muscat Book Fair. Also the academic department can recommend materials for acquisition. The college provide a budget for purchasing books every year. 

Borrowing services

The library offers borrowing service for all college staff and students

Borrower Type Maximum Number of resources allowed Maximum Loan Period Overdue Penalty
Admin Staff 5 3 Weeks 500 baiza per day
Teacher/Lecturer 5 3 Weeks 500 baiza per day
Student 3 2 weeks 200 baiza per day
If the borrowed book is lost or damaged, the borrower will pay for the replacement copy. If this is not possible, then the borrower will be responsible to find a copy. If a student fails to return the borrowed book within 4 months, he/she will not be allowed to borrow any resource/book in the following semester.
Procedures in borrowing library resources:
a. First, the borrower must approach the circulation desk located at the library entrance to sign in. 
b. Second, the borrowers must present a valid College Identification Card for barcoding.
The borrower must take note and abide by the borrowing policies as stated above. Otherwise, appropriate penalties will be imposed.
Current Awareness Service

Library section aims to provide any new information or resources that will help the students and staff in their study by sending an email, SMS and workshop. In addition, tips and tricks are also given through e-mail and through ETC Connect. The Library is also active in finding appropriate free/open source journals and online resources to be sent to all staff and students. The ShCT library is providing the training and giving orientation/induction of students in different Library services. 

Computer’s Service

WiFi connection is available in the library in cooperation with Computer Services Section(CSS) so students can use internet in their laptop. The ShCT-wireless network is available to students and staff with a college ID and password. Also, there are computers installed to access the internet for scientific research. The computers are located in male and female reading area (14 for female, 12 for male). There is also a Self-Access printer/copier for students using a PIN code to print their materials. The maintenance of the printer is under the ESS and CSS sections.

Contact UTAS-Shinas

Mailing Address
University of Technology and Applied Sciences - Shinas
Al-Aqur, Shinas
Sultanate of Oman,
P.O. Box 77
Postal Code 324
Office of the College Dean
Dean Office Tel: +968 2674 2811
+968 2685 2860
Fax: +968 2674 7426
Student Admission & Registration Support
Tel.: +968 2685 2924
+968 2685 2925
Fax: 2685 2830
E-mail for admission inquiries:
Website & Technical Support
Tel.: +968 2685 2809
Fax: +968 2685 2816
Human Resources Concerns
Tel.: +968 2685 2929
+968 2685 2814
General Enquiries
Main Tel: +968 2685 2800
+968 2685 2900
Fax: +968 2674 7426 or
visit the contact us page


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