Networking - Higher Diploma

Prepares students as technologists in computer information and networking technology through the study of/and practice with current hardware.

  • Provide a clear explanation of the way networks work from hardware technology up through the most popular network applications.
  • Provide the essential knowledge needed to handle on,build, operate, and grow local area networks (LANs) and wide area networks (WANs).
  • Learn practical skills that will help them optimize hardware resources for networking products.

Define the fundamental principles behind all computer networking and the most commonly available networking tools and applications.
  • Works with different types of servers such as; file server, print server and application server.
  • Plan and design network.
  • Design, install, troubleshoot and maintain corporate networks.
  • Hands-on instruction for WinNT Server, Networking printing, Novell Netware, Configuration, and administration.
  • structure, manage, install, set-up, analyse, customize, and use various utilities to enhance the performance of computer systems.
  • Prevent, diagnose and resolve hardware- related problems network professionals encounter while working with the networks.
  • Design and apply combination logic circuits, and sequential logic.
  • Determine Memory Devices, Memory Architecture, Memory Applications, and CPU memory connection. ROM/EPROM/RAM and read/write cycle.

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