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Effective marketing is one of the most important functions and critical elements required for the success of any organization. It is the single largest revenue generator in any profit making organization through its sales department.  
One of the most important tasks of marketing is to know the ever changing needs and wants of customers therefore, direct contact is possible only through the marketing research department and dealership network. 
Organizations no longer compete just on the merit of products and services they also create sustainable differentiation and advantage over other competitors and become familiar with the tools of marketing in a rapidly developing age of technology. 
The Business Studies Department introduced the Marketing Section in the Academic Year 2013-14, under the dynamic and vibrant leadership of Joefrelin Ines, PhD, MBA, IACMP. The Sectiion comprises of nine experienced faculty members, both from industry and academia namely: Mr. B.V.V. Prasad, Mr. Soofi Azzizudin, Dr. Cirilo Mirano, Mr. Reynald Funtinilla, Mr. Narsaiah Lakkavatri, Mr. Safi Ansari, Ms. Nithya Sambarmoothy and Mr. Samiulla Manik.
The Marketing specialization in Shinas College of Technology (ShCT) is a structured module that meets all the demands and requirements of the current industry standards. Apart from this, the course also lays stress on research that trains students on data analysis and other various types of analytical tools. Opting for courses in marketing is not only a viable career option but is also fun and interesting. 
Students study specialization courses like Principles of Sales, Consumer Behavior, Retail Management, Principles of Sales, Service Marketing, Sales Management, Supply Chain Management, Advertising & Promotion, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing for Profit and Non-profit Organizations, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, SME Marketing, Pricing Strategy, and E-Marketing. 
Students learn brand promotion techniques, understand different types of media used in promotional campaigns, and manage product launches and seminars. The Marketing Section (ShCt) focuses on understanding the market, the consumers, marketing models and marketing strategies. This specialization prepares students for a career in strategic marketing, brand consultancy, product management, international marketing, advertising, direct marketing, consumer relations and sales. Students conduct research in different areas of marketing which includes application of concepts and principles in marketing. 
The Marketing program uses the methodology of student centered classroom instruction and interactive learning engagement. They also benefit from listening to guest lectures. The other activities include industrial visits, actual marketing activities and on-the-job training. The marketing program intends to produce graduates with competency abreast with the current needs of the industry and the economy of the country. 

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