Diploma I

Diploma 1 Level

The Department is offering Certificate program, which is specifically designed to educate and train students to become knowledgeable and skilled graduates, improve their knowledge of business affairs, and have a strong business foundation that help them pursue their respective career or further studies.

The certificate level provides students with fundamental competencies in communications, office routine, accounting, computer literacy, management, and marketing skills. It is a way of providing the underpinning skills to undertake the diploma level in any specialization they intend to take.

Further, the certificate level students are exposed to the knowledge of fundamentals of business, arithmetic skills required to do the business related calculations, basics of accounting, computer skills required to work in the computerized environment, knowledge of the aspects of business economics, principles of management, marketing and business communication required to interact with the corporate world.

The combination of various functional areas of knowledge facilitates the students’ fitness to do a job in the corporate world at the entry level. By the time the students complete the certificate course in they will have the attributes as follows:


  • Technical writing abilities and communication skills
  • Basic management skills to perform in the corporate work
  • Knowledge of the various functions of the organization like marketing, accounting, economics and computers.
  • Competent enough to study the subjects in the diploma level.
  • Understand the corporate jargon to work comfortably in the companies.

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