Student Affairs

The Student Affairs Department Office extends its exemplary services through the empowerment of academic learners by plausibly recognizing their rights and privileges. It has been commissioned for the promotion of educational and cultural motivations in all aspects of academic undertakings. Being a students' hub that strives for the academic excellence, it upholds, encourages and monitors enviable college affairs. Likewise, it safeguards the interests of the whole student body as they acquire the relevant knowledge and values to transform as assets of the tertiary populace by fitting as focal key catalysts of the country's future ascending manpower perspectives.

The Student Affairs establishes its rapport with the college's various departments as a vanguard towards the achievements and fulfillment of students' wellbeing in parallel to by-laws stipulated instructive goals of this organization.

In addition to the major duties and responsibilities of this office, it has been vested by the Ministry of Manpower to direct the following college administrative processes: administration and registration of enrollees, on-the-job training of the graduating students, counseling of graduates' future plans, organization of students' activities and planning of students' commencement exercises.

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