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The Department of Business Studies was formally established during the Academic Year 2007-2008. It started its Certificate program with 66 students and 3 teaching staff. Within its first year of inception, the department tripled its enrolment figure and doubled its number of teaching staff. Currently, there are more than 500 students who are interested in pursuing Accounting and HR courses. The students are molded by thirty six (36) full time academic staff of varied disciplines, nationalities and qualifications making it a diverse Academic family; all in unison committed to providing high quality business and accounting education to the young men and women of Oman, constantly striving to providing the sincerest service to the students and committed to same ideals of developing the fullest potential of its constituents.

Presently, the department offers two major specializations namely Accounting and Human Resources in both levels of Diploma and Advanced Diploma. It is divided into 3 Semesters: Fall: semester 1 (September to January)- 18 weeks, Spring: semester 2 (January to May)- 15 weeks and Summer: semester 3 (May to June) 8 weeks.The 'Human Resources' specialization prepares the graduates for a career in the field of Human Resource Management in various industries including manufacturing, marketing, banking, food and beverage, tourism, pharmaceutical, etc.,. The "Accounting" specialization prepares students to develop basic accounting skills. Students learn how to manage budgets and forecasts, prepare financial reports for a reporting entity, prepare tax returns, implement and maintain internal control procedures, and provide management accounting information.

The Department envisioned itself as a Centre of Excellence for Business Education through the development of reflective, competent, and critical business professionals, anchored in Islamic values to serve the society. The Department helps the students to redefine their performance and enhance their potential through business development, and supportive services, so that they can meet and respond proactively to the fast changing local and international business environment. Indeed, the Department seeks to advance knowledge through high quality teaching and research in the closely related fields of accounting, marketing, and human resource. Though being the youngest Department in the College, the Department of Business Studies adheres to the highest standards mandated by the College through providing high-quality teaching, learning, and research that have a significant contribution to ongoing national economic development in the Sultanate of Oman.

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The overarching goal of the accounting program is to meet the evolving needs of its constituencies through teaching, research, and service. It guides us to understand a specialized knowledge in accounting and financial reporting, and as an integrated overview of economic activities of a business entity. Simply, it is the systematic recording, reporting, and analysis of financial transactions of a business. The person in charge of accounting is known as an accountant, and this individual is typically required to follow a set of rules and regulations, such as the International accounting standards and international financial reporting standards. Accounting allows a company to analyze the financial performance of the business, and look at statistics, such as net profit. It also  reveals profit or loss of a given period, and the value and nature of a firm's assets, liabilities and owners' equity. Accounting provides information about the resources available to a firm, the means employed to finance those resources, and  the results achieved through their use.

Auditing: By the audit process, the auditor enhances the usefulness and value of financial statements, and also increases the credibility of other non-audited information released by management. It’s a process of obtaining and evaluating data regarding assertions about economic actions and events to ascertain the degree of connection between these assertions to establish criteria and communicating the results to interested users

Cost and Management Accounting: Is a process of Collecting and organizing the financial and operational data to advise the various levels of management as to where they stand with respect to short, medium and long-term plans. Also it advises where profits are inadequate and where opportunities exist to perhaps be exploited in the dynamic, competitive business environment, which plays a pivotal role in the day to day decision making, as well as in the long-term capital investment decisions.

Effective marketing is one of the most important functions and critical elements required for the success of any organization. It is the single largest revenue generator in any profit making organization through its sales department. Apart from that, it is the only department which has direct contact with the customer through marketing research department and dealership network. It is one of the most important tasks of marketing to know the ever changing needs and wants of customer. Organizations no longer compete just on the merit of products and services alone. To create sustainable differentiation and advantage over its competitors, it is vital that organizations become familiar with the tools of marketing in the new age where rapid development in technology has increased the need for the management of advanced modern media tools.

The Marketing Section of the Business Studies Department was introduced in the second semester of Academic Year 2013-14, under the dynamic and vibrant leadership of Joefrelin Ines, PhD, MBA, IACMP. The Section includes nine (9) eminent and experienced faculty members, both from industry and academia namely; Mr. B.V.V. Prasad, Mr. Soofi Azzizudin, Mr.Vivek V.K., Mr. Joshy John, Dr. Cirilo Mirano, Mr. Reynald Funtinilla, Mr. Narsaiah Lakkavatri, and Mr. Baurny Kunjappan.

Marketing specialization in SHCT prepares a structured module that meets all the demands and requirements of the current industry standards. Apart from this, a course in marketing also lays stress on research and analytics that train students on data analysis and other various types of analytical tools. Opting for courses in marketing is not only a viable career option but is also fun and interesting. Students have to study specialization courses like Principles of Sales, Consumer Behavior, Retail Management, Sales Management, Supply Chain Management, Advertising & Promotion, Tourism and Hospitality Marketing, International Marketing, Marketing for Profit and Non-profit Organizations, Marketing Research, Marketing Strategy, Customer Relationship Management, SME Marketing, Pricing Strategy, and E-Marketing. Learning brand promotion techniques, understanding different types of media used in promotional campaigns, managing product launches, seminars and important events are all parts of this platform.

At SHCT, specialization in Marketing focuses on understanding the market, the consumers, the marketing models and approaching different situations with winning marketing strategies for organizations. This specialization prepares students for a career in strategic marketing, brand consultancy, product management, international marketing, advertising, direct marketing, consumer relations and sales.

Human Resource Management

Human Resources as a subject provides us a learning platform which aid  to create  an engaged work force through people enabling processes and knowledge sharing practices based upon the value system of an organization .It gives an overview on how an organization discharged the overall responsibility for implementing strategies and policies relating to the management of individuals such as recruitment, selection, and on boarding(resourcing), employee record-keeping, organizational design and development, compensation and employee benefit management, training and development etc. Human Resources therefore is not a defined object, but a series of organized processes, “with specific learning objectives".

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